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Clothing alterations isn’t a complicated task, but sometimes you want things to look fit perfectly for a special occasion or interview. When this is the case, you’ll want to take your clothes to the best tailor that has the skills and precision to fix your clothes.

These services will know exactly how to make your clothes flatter your body and be appropriate for the event. Clothes tend to wear and tear, so having a professional tailor will make sure it’s like brand new! For your special dress or lucky shirt, you won’t have to replace it with our hemming services. Perhaps you bought an expensive pair of jeans that looks great on you; however they are just too long. A specialist can make custom alteration services to fit perfectly for you.

Wedding dresses and other fancy attire is expensive to buy at the start. You will want to make sure they are taken care of properly to have it last a long time. We provide bridal gown alterations, flower girl dresses, and other formal wear alterations so they won’t be damaged while you wear it on your special day. We can make you look your best while you have fun with your family and friends.

We specialize in custom fittings for a variety of purposes. For example, we excel at military clothing alterations so you they are unique and comfortable according to your preference. These are just some of the alterations services offered at Tri-City Cleaners & Laundromat. Located in Kennewick, WA, this company is renowned for its excellent work. When it comes to clothing alterations, there’s no better choice.